Woodworking picture frame and relief

Mr. Walter mills picture frames and reliefes for picture frames with his High-Z S-1000 cnc milling machine. The required CAM data is generated with our Touch Probe 3D Scanner and the CAM Software WINPC NC.

Woodworking picture frame (3D milling) and reliefs through 3D scanning with our 3D touch scanner and CAM Software 

Production of relief strips and corner ornaments for woodworking picture frames. For this application MDF and other materials can be used. Below you will find the most beautiful pictures of Mr. Walter. He lnows how to use the machine!

At first, the original relief has been scanned with our 3D touch scanner and the CAM Software WINPCNC. Finally, it has been milled in wood. The kind of milling is admittedly very lengthy but with high precision and accuracy.  This way, you are able to scan and multiply all possible parts, with maximum dimensions of approx. 200x200mm and 30mm in height (for big parts it takes long to scan).


General info

Workpiece:Picture frame
Material:Various wood types
Axis travelX=1000 mm; Y=600 mm; Z= 110 mm
Application type:2D & 3D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S1000, Wood cutter, 3D touch scanner
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D