Video tutorials


Overview of the CAD functions ConstruCAM 3D

Function cropping, merging, punching with ConstruCAM-3D
Reproduction of objects in ConstruCAM-3D
Order of objects and import filter of ConstruCAM-3D
Drilling matrix and drilling cycles of ConstruCAM-3D
Retrieval procedure using an example in ConstruCAM-3D
Function 2D to 3D stl. Example jewelery in ConstruCAM-3D
2D to 3D stl Corel Draw file / sample plate in ConstruCAM-3D
2D to 3D stl with color gradients from CorelDraw in ConstruCAM-3D
Scanner module / convert bmp to vectors with ConstruCAM-3D
bmp 3D stl Relief data transform to the “relief module” / 5 different examples / smoothing, flatten, approximate in ConstruCAM-3D

Video tutorials for Corel Draw / Corel Draw Essentials and WIN PCNC of the company. Lewetz!

convert bitmap files to be milled HPGL or AI vector images
Exporting drawings from Essentials or Draw in AI format
Duplicating objects in Corel Draw
Stamp milling with Corel Draw (raised milling)
engraving or milling filled out Outline Fonts 
Oneline fonts for engraving small fonts
Create shadowed text in Corel
Pocket milling with Corel Draw
Install a new free font
Define tools in Corel and WIN PCNC  ( Fa. Lewetz )
Merging individual line segments together to an object
Create a file for face milling
Milling of a D-Sub connector breakthrough (rough example without complying with the dimensions)
Design, fusion cropping and editing vectors in Corel Draw 11
Rough Sketch of a toothed wheel with Corel Draw 7 –

CAD functions of ConstruCAM 3D

cutting functions, merging, stamping for ConstruCAM 3D

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