T-Rex Portal CNC Router Machine

The new High-Z T-Rex milling machine / cutting plotter with steel frame is now available !

The new CNC-portal milling machine T-Rex with a steel substructure( type 0609 and 0712 with solid cast steel – substructure, all other tubular steel frames ) is now available for your operation, precise and exceedingly fast!

from 8.450,22 €

(incl. 19% German VAT)

T-Rex Portal CNC Router Machine

The new CNC-portal milling machine T-Rex with a steel substructure(type 0609 and 0712 with solid cast steel – substructure, all other tubular steel frames) is now available for your operation, precise and exceedingly fast!

This machine series was mainly designed for 2D and 3D panel processing in the sector of engraving, milling and cutting (tangential knives or oscillating tangential knives).

Currently we are developing an automatic conveyor belt in order to achieve a complete automation in the manufacturing sector “cutting”and consequently full availability as fully automated cutting plotter / flatbed plotter – system. The T-Rex / High-Z series for 2D, 3D – engraving, milling, drilling and cutting isequipped with high-quality ball screws on all axes as well as linear carriages and carriages by HIWIN or/and THK.
It is a universal, professional maschine with a solid construction and serves as a connecting link between our self-produced CNC-machines from the High-Z and RaptorX-SL series.

The new top CNC product by CNC-STEP
Quality and optimal customer service have highest priority for us!

Including free, life-time TOP-Live support!

Optimal dimensioned THK and HIWIN linear guidings, ball-screw drives, brushless engine technology, Isel cabling and a solid massive steel frome-substructure, plus torsion-free and exactly realized workmanship at low price-level are the main features of this machine-series.

– Our High-Z Standard and T-series milling machines are EMV TÜV-certified –



CNC portal milling machine versions

CNC Portalfräse T-Rex S-1224
T RexCNCPortalMillingMachine
Portalfräse 0609

Features T-Rex Series

  • Drive: 3 brushless brand stepping engines with 4,5 ampere.
  • Possibility of sliding through long and up to 120mm high materials, no belt drive at the ende of the X axis!
  • Linear guide on the X and Y axis by HIWIN / THK !  Z-axis diameter 16 mm round-linear guiding, all smoothened and 61hrc surface hardened.
  • Multiple ball-bearing ball-screw spindle on all axes, proprietary brand!
  • Rapid traverse max. ca. 17.000 mm/min
  • Operating speed max. ca. 12.000 mm/min
  • Technical definition X/Y : 0,005mm (1/10 Schritt); Z: 0,0025mm
  • Backlash maximal ca. +/- 10µm (0,010 mm)
  • Repeat accuracy: ca. 0,01 mm
  • Non-contact reed sensors / reference switches / limit switches on all axes
  • Double secured emergency-stop button
  • Energy chains for a clean cable routing
  • Milling-engine holder Euroneck Ø43mm
  • Milling-engine 1,05 kW / 3,500-35,000 U/min with 8mm collet (optional 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, metric )
  • incl. software WIN-PCNC USB (optional WINPC NC Profi) and
    CAD/CAM Software ConstruCAM-3D (full version incl. post-prozessor for WIN PCNC)
  • Weight ca. 300 kg
  • Complete machine incl. 5 channel control 4 x 3,5 ampere, T-slot panel, wear plate, remote control, software ConstruCAM-3D, WIN PCNC USB and Kress milling engine 1050 Watt with 8mm collet !
  • A introduction, unlimited phone-support as well as our Livesupport/remote maintenance via Teamviewer for lifetime are always included in this complete unit.
  • An approximately 2-hour introduction with installation of the software on your PC ,brought with, as well as an explanation of the most important terms of ConstruCAM-3D, WIN PCNC, Corel Draw etc. sare also possible and obviously for free.

Digital control

Technical data regarding the included digital control, aligned to CNC-milling machine T-Rex: CNC controller - portal milling machine

  • 5-channel stepping engine CNC-control with newest SMD technology
  • Mains voltage 115 – 240 Volt / 47 – 63 Hz.
  • Line-to-line current 5 x 3,5 ampere
  • Micro-step-control definition 1/10-Step / 2000 steps/rotation for high quietness
  • 5 connections for 5 brushless engines / stepping engines
  • Connection from parallel port with software WIN PCNC Light, Economy or via USB mit WIN PCNC USB or Profi. (obviously also possible with MACH3, USBCNC, NC-Easy as well as LINUX EMC and LINUX CNC and much more.)
  • “Sleep-Funktion” for current reduction
  • Oscillation- engine-connection 24 volts, adjustable with PWM (for example tangential knives) optional 24 volts constant for holding break via ST-connection
  • Activation of 2 users up to ca. 1200 Watt via software switchable (from WIN PCNC Light), 230 volts, max. 6,0 A per power socket (for example compressor, cooling system, suction). Both power sockets secured seperately.
  • 0 – 10 volts for connecting a frequency converter for HF/high-frequency spindle
  • 12 Status-LEDs for operating condition and all important funktions (Power, Toggle, Move, X, Y, Z, C; overheating, emergency-stop, relays: spindle/cooling stystem, short circuit)
  • Connectivity a total of 4 limit- or reference switches plus a emergency-stop button
  • Engine connection and control line via D-Sub 9-pol. (C-axis 15-pol.)
  • Emergency-stop button
  • overheating protection
  • short-circuit-proof

Extract of available CNC-accessory parts:

  1. 5-channel control
  2. Suhner milling engine 1050 watts
  3. Collets for Kress milling-engine
  4. T-slot plates
  5. Vacuum tables
  6. Suction hose
  7. Minimal lubrication
  8. Engraving-depth regulator
  9. Zeropoint sensor / Tool lenght sensor
  10. 3D touch probe scanning device
  11. Turning kit for wood
  12. Rotation axis / rotation table
  13. Special software
  14. Milling-tools and drill bits (special ones on demand)
  15. Other accessory parts like spindles etc.

Functions, accessory and prices

Technical data High-Z / T-Rex CNC-portal
milling machine with ball screws/spindles
and bellows
T-REX 0609T-REX 0712T-REX 1215T-REX 1224
Article number120010120020120030120040
Travel X-axis900 mm1200 mm1500 mm2400 mm
Travel Y-axis600 mm700 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Travel Z-axis130 mm130 mm130 mm130 mm
Max. hight clearance Z (upper edge of t-groove
plate / lower edge bridge)
130 mm130 mm130 mm130 mm
Clamping Area X / Y on grooved panel1300 x 780 mm1650 x 880 mm1860 x 1340 mm2800 x 1340 mm
Length x width x hight over all in cm154x120x142196x130x142218x180x142310x180x142
Weight ca.300 kg350 kg400 kg500 kg
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width X/Y15/15 mm15/15 mm15/15 mm15/15 mm
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width Z / ØØ 16 mmØ 16 mmØ 16 mm15 mm
Ball screws/spindles X / Y / Z : Ø24/16/1624/16/1632/16/1632/16/16
Frame constructionsteel/cast steelsteel/cast steelsteelsteel
Guidings Z Ø16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm
Steps/revolution 1/10 micro-step2000200020002000
Slope ball screw spindle X/Y/Z10/10/5 mm10/10/5 mm10/10/5 mm10/10/5 mm
Programmable resolution minimal (Z)0,0025 mm0,0025 mm0,0025 mm0,0025 mm
Backlash+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatable accuracy0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm
Max. rapid speed, measured diagonal travel X
+ Y
17.000 mm/min17.000 mm/min12.000 mm/min12.000 mm/min
Operating speed max.12.000 mm/min12.000 mm/min8.000 mm/min8.000 mm/min
incl. CNC-control Zero3 / 5-channe
Supported operating systems: Windows / Linux
incl. T-slot table made of aluminium (f. short
time )
incl. milling software WIN PCNC USB
incl. shielded IGUS cabling
incl. Full version software CADCAM
ConstruCam 3D with
post-processor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR (incl 19% German VAT)8.450,2211.562,0713.656,4716.768,08
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