Milling of furniture / kitchens / faces / 2D

CNC milling of kitchen and furniture/parts of furniture with the CNC portal milling machine RaptorX-SL

Please do not forget that we are no professional carpenters.

Due to this we only provide suggestions for applications in every video and article, however, all of these were processed with the CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL.

In this example we did not give the highest priority to right measures. Due to this you will note that the drilling of the shelf holders are made too big and the milling of the concealed hinge is a little over-dimensional.

We drilled with an Up/Down Cut VHM end mill, which by its cutting geometry secures the cutting edges above and below the plate to remain clean and burr-free.

Ideal for any coated or laminated material!

Milling diameter 8 mm, lining up to 20 mm, infeed between 30 and 60 mm per second when cutting a 19 mm chipboard (maximum of 3.6m/min.)!


Clean and smooth cutting edges above and below the chipboard.

Surface and milling area should be processed with a circular saw.
The RaptorX-SL CNC milling machine is also suitable for 3D processing on wood. Please find appropriate videos on other websites.

If you need to do engraving works of bigger dimensions, the RaptorX-SL CNC portal milling machine / CNC engraving machine is the right equipment for such works.

Due to its solid and strong steel pipe construction and its high-dimensioned drive motors, this machine is able to process stone, marble, slate and granite.


General info

Material:Compressed wood
Axis travel:400x300x110
Anwendungsart:2D milling
Used machines and accessoires:Milling machine RaptorX, 3D cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D