Create a light arch by yourself  using milling templates


General information

Workpiece:light arches
MaterialPoplar plywood
Traversing path1000mm x 600mm
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z S1000, Wood mill 1mm & 2mm
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D For CAM processing with existing drawing in e.g. DXF format.

How to mill light arches

Already some of our customers produce beautiful wooden Art for their clientele every year in the Christmas season- light arches! For this purpose, 2D milling with the CNC milling machine in wood is suitable for the creation of arcs, light arcs or even complete Christmas cribs. Likewise, window images or mounts for backlighting are manufactured with tealights or LED lamps.

Individual light arches from the Erzgebirge

There are no limits to our clients’ freedom of design. Various forms, types of illumination and sizes of the arches are possible and are also implemented. The entire set-up, assembly, painting and the cabling etc. are, of course, still carried out in painstaking manual work. Some customers of our CNC machines come even from the beautiful Erzgebirge.

Pointed arch and gable topschwibbogen-berlin-party

Beside the traditional arch form, there are also new types like the gable top or the pointed arch. The pointed arch is one of the most common types, which today is increasingly being milled by a number of producers of arches in the Erzgebirge with a CNC milling machine and subsequently assembled by hand.

Woodwork shops

Our customers often sell their beautiful, lovingly designed and elaborately crafted arcade creations over their own commercial woodworking website. There are also e-bay shops with CNC crafted arches and other wood art.

DIY light arches with free templates

With the help of free DXF templates for light arches, which can be found on the Internet, everyone is able to create their first CNC-made, Christmas light arches or window pictures themselves and do not have to design them themselves. Attention ! Always pay attention to the copyright, as most of the originals may only serve as a sample template for a specially designed arc, or the milled result may only be used privately.

Not just for Christmasschwibbogen-fuer-ostern

In some examples, we also show the arches of creative woodworkers who, for example, have applied for a company or have made an arc for a judoclub. In the example on the right, we also show the ultimate arc for the Berlin Stretch Limo Party 🙂 It can also be an arc for Easter, if you like!

And when do you start to let your creative mind run free with the help of a CNC-STEP CNC milling machine? All paths are open. There are certainly thousands of other ideas regarding light arcs, tealights and window pictures, etc.

Wooden figures / crib figures may also be prepared Or think of individual wooden Christmas decorations. Your creativity is in demand here.

Mass production of Arches for the holiday / christmas season

Wood milling is one of the “easy works” of a high-Z CNC milling machine. Several customers all over the world use our equipment to carry out 2D or 3D work in wood. Likewise, some customers produce complete cribs with crib figures for Christmas with the help of the CNC axis of rotation. Since the CNC machines can work through day and night, they are of course also suitable for mass production.

Especially during the Christmas period then the investment of a CNC machine should indeed pay off neatly.