General info about milling machine series / High-Z mill

Because of many years of experience in the domain of CNC-technology we produce the most solid ( 22mm thick guide ways on X and Y axle ) and zero-tolerance portal milling machine with a fantastic cost/ performance ratio and great accuracy.

That’s the reason we’ve already sold more than 1300 CNC machines series High-Z to our worldwide customership within last 39 months.

Professionals, model makers and hobbyists have long been waiting for this machine. Together with our development department and engineers from the machine construction and electronic sector, we have developed a machine, which is setting new standards with regard to dimension, accuracy, cost/perfomance ratio and stiffness as well as stability by its new geometry.  Due to its new frame construction it excels by its variety of applicability.

You can use this machine as a vinyl cutter, too. We offer the necessary tool.

No specific CNC programming-knowledge is necessary for the operation! The included controlling software PC-NC or WIN PCNC Steuerungs-Software.

You simply create drawings, model sketches or texts in any drafting sofware, e.g. Corel Draw, CAD programmes etc.. These may easily be sent to the milling machine as HPGL-file from the delivered CNC-Software PCNC.  Milling specific settings can be set in our milling  software  e.g. speed of operation, scaling, series of milling, immersion depth of the individual tools  etc. Once you have become acquainted with the software, operation is quick, easy and with high accuracy!

Manufactured in Germany this machine complies all technical requirements according to German ad European law ( CE-approved ). Precision and the use of high quality material was our priority during the 11-month long development phase. In our preceding investigation, we unfortunately had to realize that not every reputable and well-known manufacturer offers high quality and robust machines respectively. (“Super-expensive” not always means “Super Quality” in this sector!). Unfortunately  this matter hasn’t changed until today.

Some imitators copied our construction almost completely without a chance to fulfil our quality standard and no comparable wealth of experience.

In comparison with much more expensive machines of some competitors our milling machines High-Z are concerning stiffness, quality, speed, performance, accuracy, zero-tolerance within the mechanical parts and long-term precision in advance.

We did not have the aim to design a machine with utopian express speeds, but to focus specially on  criteria which are important for our customers.  Reliability, high quality components as well as stability and cost/performance ratio, basically good value for money.

With a working area of x-720, y-440, z-110 mm and a passage height of 100 mm as well as a repeat accuracy of 0,03 mm and a maximum positioning speed and a working speed of 2500 mm/min. it is for almost all milling and engraving works in plastics, wood as well as easier chipping in aluminium or brass etc. particularly suitable. Of course, this CNC- machine may also be used for blank drilling, insulation milling or even for cutting of plastic films . Another possibility: use the machine for plasma-burn and build a holder for a mobile plasma-burner.

The machine slides are guided in all 3 axes on highly precision 62 Rockwell hardened and grinded linear guide ways with a diameter of 22mm  ( Z-Axis: 16mm ). This leads to a very high twisting rigidity and allows even milling works in massive aluminium. Please refer to our videos. Threaded spindles are running in ball bearings on both sides, so that no vibration can affect motor mountings and supports. 99,9% of all milling tasks can be done with material up to a maximum depth of 5mm.  It is rarely necessary to use material with thicknesses of 80, 90 or 100mm or more.

All High-Z CNC milling plants have a repeatability of up to approximately 10?m, the max. reverse error at the Trapezoidal thread type is + / – 20-30µm, up to the ball bearings variant + / – 10?m.

Most machines of our competitors are constructed with an Y-Axis center of approx. 300mm minimum height above the machine base.  Of course, such constructions   bring about high leverages and breakdown torque during milling operations, especially when thin material is used. This has not only an impact on the accuracy of the working pieces, but also on the long life cycle of the machine.  The sketch shows the red force distribution line of a machine construction which some competitors make use of.

The more similar the length of the legs of the triangle the more stable is the machine; the bigger the difference in lengths of legs the more instable its construction. Sketches show a milling operation with material of 5mm thickness.

Komplette Anlage High-Z

Construction Diagram of HIGH-Z


Construction Diagram of competitor

Direktvergleich zu Fremdmaschine

Construction Diagram of competitor in direct comparison

How to fasten material to our HIGH-Z

For clamping of flat or complex pieces, engraving material, sheet metal or sheet-timber easily, just fix an MDF-board to the base, mill it once to smoothen. For flat materials or for engraving, you only fasten a further, but plastics coated board on the MDF-Board. Use double-sided sticky tape to fix thin material.

A device for holding down pieces for engraving will additionally be delivered free of charge.

Make sure that thin engraving material always lays flat on the base in order to avoid difference in engraving depth.  The operation manual shows examples of how to fix flat sheet material easily, to guarantee a precise milling operation.

CNC-Step also offers a T-slot plate which can be used to fasten complex pieces to a reasonable price.
How to fasten large working pieces to our HIGH-Z

We have developed the HIGH-Z in a way that you can also work on pieces of any size.  You want to create an engraving or a complex cut e.g. in a housing of 1mm edge dimension or larger, at a later stage?

Arrange the machine over the piece to work on. With our z-Axis extension kit, which is optionally available, you can work on an area of 200x400mm.

In the Video we drive a 3D travel with a speed of 50mm/sec. with a high-Z S-400 are 3000mm/min. We let additional run and hear in the backround Windows applications music over the Windows mediaplayer. Try once with another control software. Here is the used DIN ISO application as download . The feed motion is adjusted in WIN PCNC however to a maximum speed by 50mm/sec. is kept firm in the program to 1000.

With the 3D shown in the video travel concerns is a test presentation. The engines are short thereby before the load limit, whereby inevitably during still faster travel step losses would develop. The maximally recommended cruise are substantially smaller laid out therefore in the manual, in order to ensure a walk-loss-free and torque-strong working of the engines. The video is to only illustrate the stability of WIN PCNC with a high expenditure for clock frequency.

Here are some more informations on the technical data and prices