Engraving round surfaces

Even round parts can be engraved. In the example we are working with a special linear-device for cylindrical engraving. Engraving round surfaces or slightly curved parts with our High-Z CNC milling machine  in materials such as e.g .:
  • Glass
  • marble
  • granite
  • Brass
  • stainless steel
  • plastic
  • gold


General information

Traverse path
Type of application:3D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z S400, engraving bit
Used Software:ConstruCAM 3D

Round engraving on bowling ball

Engravings, you can perform with our machines in all materials, no matter how hard they are. The result of the engraving is only dependent on the tool used. For very hard materials diamond-tipped tools are used. After processing the engraving is adapted with a special material andthe ball is polished and aftertreated. Logos, names, writings and slogans are engraving-technically no problem!

Engraving high and round parts

When working below the frame structure should be noted, that the traverse in X will not quite be reached, as if it was milled or engraved on top of a table, etc.. Here you have to expect incurring losses of approximately 30mm in X and Y in ca-5-10mm. However, as we ask all customers about the purpose and prospects , we will also once again point out this restriction.

Thanks to the downwardly open frame construction and the two motors used for the X-axis (without belt) using a High-Z CNC machine, you are able to carry out also work on workpieces, which would be carried out with hardly any CNC milling machine otherwise.