Individual DOVE soap engraved at the new Unilever Dove – Store in Hamburg

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CNC Graviermaschine in DOVE Theke

General information

Workpiece:DOVE soap
Traverse path
Type of application:2D engraving
Used machine:High-Z S400, router
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Engraving soap with the engraving machine

New cosmetics shop from Unilever (DOVE)

Dove Store Hamburg

The new Flagshipstore of the company Unilever in Germany’s most famous harbor city Hamburg is now making its mark in a number of social networks. Because in the shop opened by Unilever in April 2015 there are not only manicures and pedicures but also individually designed soaps with idividual names or small, memorable sayings.

So the new shop in Germany’s harbor metropolis is not a splendor palace, but rather a space of exchange and experience in the care sector in an open atmosphere, as Unilever’s CEO Ulli Gritzuhn said at the opening.

Make brands to an experience

The cosmetics company relies entirely on the concept of “making brands come to life”. Here, the company is “touchable”. On 180 square meters of shop space one gets closer to the products and the entire company. Not least through a meticulously harmonious feel – good atmosphere. The color scheme of the shop alone is based on earth colors, color tones, in the context of which people feel simply the most comfortable. Warm earth tones in beige and gray, brownish, green and blue merge under the bright ceiling lighting with daylight lamps almost as a shopping experience in the nature.

No wonder, therefore, that between 2,500 and 3,000 new visitors per day visit this beautifully designed shop experience world, also to see a CNC machine engraving soap. A real enrichment for the port city.

Special manufacturing of an engraving machine for engraving soap

As a highlight in the new “experience shop” of the company DOVE, the idea arose of integrating a CNC engraving machine with small dimensions for individual soap engraving into a sales floor counter. Here, the customer is given the opportunity to obtain individual soaps as well as the personalized soaps, which are already prefabricated with various names on the shelves of the cosmetics store.

For this possibility, CNC-STEP has also designed a special machine for engraving soap in the form of a small High-Z engraving machine with additional safety drawer and some other features, which now performs daily for a delightful, mostly female clientele.

Small sayings or simply a “THANK YOU”

So you can decide here whether you want to have your name engraved, which is not offered by chance as a finished product in the store, into the pure soap with the pigeon or maybe just want to say someone “THANK YOU”. Creativity is the key.

After the words of the blogger Melanie on Instagram, this idea probably really arrived very well and represents a real highlight in the new DOVE store. Melanie describes this as follows: “My personal highlight was the engraving of a personal slogan in a Dove soap. On Instagram, my sweet little soap has been already seen. ”

Engraving soaps for mass production

Since the idea of the individual soap engraving arrived so well in the new DOVE store, the company Unilever quickly decided on another concept. For example, customers in a Vorgefertigte Seifen mit Namennumber of DOVE departments of supermarket chains or drugstores receive an engraved soap of their choice from a small selection of sayings as a free gift when they exceed a certain value of the care items when shopping.

300,000 soaps – a new goal

For this purpose, the company already has 10 machines of the type High-Z S-1400 / T – 105 in use to cnc engrave the serial production of 250,000 – 300,000 soaps. Until now, these 10 machines run without interruption, as expected without any support and above all without a single fault while engraving soaps.

We wish the entire team of Unilever (DOVE) continued success and always pleased, relaxed and shopping customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the rights to use the images provided and the idea of the small soap engraving unit.