WinPC-NC with USB Control

WinPC-NC USB Teaser

The most favourite CNC software

now available as USB version !!

 414,00 €

(incl. 19% German VAT)


For all Windows operating systems including WIN7!

The program Win PCNC, due to its simple application as well as the clear structure, is the most favourite control program for CNC machines.

The very popular and often approved CNC control program Win PCNC can now be obtained as powerful USB version in 9 languages.

The software WIN PCNC, including the USB controller and the USB plug and play module with pre-installed, cost parameters for all high-Z-Machine: 414,00 € including VAT

WinPC-NC USB Features

Overview of WinPC-NC USB:

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • runs on modern PCs starting with 1 GHz, Win2k/XP/Vista/7, USB 2.0 interface
  • machine drive via small USB box ncUSB with 2 LPT pin-compatible connections
  • runs with all stroke/direction electronics, signal level 5V TTL up to 80 kHz
  • absolutely smooth and accurate motor control and therefore smooth movements without shock
  • PWM and Toggle safety signal thus interpolated drive on all axes
  • machine runs 2D, 2.5D or real 3D, also on the 4th axis
  • import filter for HPGL, drilling data, multi CAM 2D/3D, DIN/ISO, IselNCP and EPS/AI integrated powerful editor or configurable external editor
  • step-by-step teach-in for keys and mouse
  • graphical display with measure, data zoom, turning and mirroring
  • speeds, ramps, axis resolving power, etc. applicable for all axes
  • diverse external signals for synchronisation
  • further components included
  • multi-lingual, 17 European and Asian languages obtainable after installation
  • detailed manual

Simple Operation

The software control programme WinPC-NC USB is already configured and can be easily operated. The connection to the machine works via a USB 2.0 interface and the

Box ncUSB including cable, which are included in the delivery.

Via stroke/direction signals you can control up to 4 stepping motor axes according to industrial standard by means of 5V levels. Various input signals or further outputs provide an optimum and safe connection between machine and outside world.

The seizure of the interface at the ncUSB needs to be carried out like all our control systems, which means any altering of earlier control systems can be done without much effort.

Easy CNC Machine Operation with WinPC-NC USB

WinPC-NC USB provides complete and safe control of all connected machines by means of various functions. The manually operated drive takes place step by step by means of keyboard, mouse buttons or joystick.

Various test functions enable improvement of the parameters, which tune the axes adjustment or check all defined inputs and outputs.

Import filter for many NC formats

WinPC-NC USB provides import filters for the well-known PLT or HPGL language as well as drilling formats according to Sieb&Meier or Excellonand is able to process engravings or model making components of unlimited size and complexity.

Furthermore import filters are available for MultiCAM files in 2D and 3D, Isel NCP, ECP and AI Postscript, as well as the DIN/ISO language or G codes, which are used for professional tool machines.

New programmes can either be issued by means of the integrated editor or can be generated by means of the drawing or construction programmes.

Intelligent Track Controller

WinPC-NC USB provides true track controlling, which calculates and sets up the optimum speed by means of effective look-ahead-functions in any situation. During processing the machine runs constantly at its best speed, is not „absent“ and adjusts the optimum ride quality to the following contour run.

Real time operation via external box

WinPC-NC USB uses the little additional box ncUSB for real time controlling, thus disconnecting time-critical tasks of Windows computers. The result is an absolutely clear and precise motor control which provides smooth and exact movements.