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Special software for engraving of high- resolution photos/ lithophanes / 3D relief engraving of photos. Simple to serve, marvellous results.

165,65 €

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This software turns your CNC router into a photo engraving machine!


We offer a software called PhotoVCarve which changes your CNC milling machine to a photo- engraving machine. Because of a simple designed surface and a 3D preview you can aim professional results within shortest time and without programmer knowledge.

You scan a photo or use any colour or black and white picture as a jpg., pvc., gif., tif., jpeg or bmp file, open it with the software, work on the necessary parameter, control the result in the 3D preview and save it.

You can mill the pictures in almost every material. You can even engrave lithophanes (backlit 3D pictures) sharp and detailed this way.

And you can change grayscale pictures in 3D reliefs with this.

Engravings of Lithophanes

PhotoVCarve. A software which converts your High-Z CNC milling machine into a photo engrave machine! You are immediately able to mill photo engraves as good as a profi in f.e. wood, aluminium, acrylic glass, engrave plastic a.s.o. in a very simple way, whether you use photos from a digital camera or scans. You can even convert simple designed greyscaled pictures into 3D milling data.

Here’s a download of the English test full version with a water mark.

The results are amazing. Here shown 3D relief  pictures have dimensions of approx. 100x80mm. This lithophane pictures were engraved with a 0,3mm stylus in a special plastic, which we also have in stock. Time of engrave was down to approx. 45 minutes per picture.

A high resolution picture of approx. 120x80mm took about  1,5 hours. A simple colour picture served the template. Nothing has to be changed in a black and white picture. The result appears first with retral lightning.

Video about milling and engraving of lithophanes and photos in a special plastic.

The result appears first with retral lightning. Lighted from scratch it is unimposing and uncomly. Move the curser over the picture for picture change! This excerpt shows the result of milling. Portraits, landscapes, animals. Engrave your favourite motive.

That’s the direct way to a video manual of PhotoVCarve and creating of lithophanes

That’s the direct way to a product description of the software PhotoVCarve as a PDF format.

That’s the direct way to a list including all available post processor.

And the best thing is: the software is a very low cost software!