CNC-machining of metal in 3D

Forms for plastics injection molding technique, damask knives and …

I am convinced that the results on these photos speak for themselves. By the way, they are a wonderful illustration for the accuracy of our CNC machines.

Mr. Unland wrote the following message:

Hello, we have finished another tool of which I will send further photos soon. We produce these plastic tools for our own purposes as the local tool shops deliver questionable quality after a long waiting period. This technique is called Low Pressure Molding. Kind regards, Unland

Fa. Advances ID
Mr. Unland of Advanced ID Ltd. does not solely take care of the CAD tasks for his customers. He is also able to handle the CAM part for his customers with his High-Z equipment as well as for parts of his in-house production.


General info

Workpiece:Forms for plastics
Axis travel:X=720 mm Y=420 mm Z= 110 mm
Application type:Molding, 3D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S720/T, 1 mm & 2 mm radial cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D