3D-VCarving in carara marble

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3D VCarving and picking out of solid Carrara marble with the CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL

We are engraving with the 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL and a special VHM 90 ° bit on solid Carrara marble.

The lining of the letters have been calculated by the software ConstruCAM-3D and generated to approx. 5 mm depth!!


The CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL is suitable for works on any kind of marble, soap stone, sandstone, slate (tests with granite are running at the moment).

This machine provides clear results of best surface quality.
Also possible to mill bas reliefs in high quality
The RaptorX-SL CNC milling machine is also suitable for 3D processing on wood or plastic material. You find appropriate videos on other websites.

If you need to do engraving works of bigger dimensions, the RaptorX-SL CNC portal milling machine/CNC engraving machine is the right equipment for such works.

Due to its solid and strong steel pipe construction and its high-dimensioned drive motors, this machine is able to process stone, marble, slate and granite.


General info

Material:Carrara marble
Axis travel:3200x2010x300
Application type:VCarving
Used machines and accessoires:RaptorX-SL3200/S20, VHM 90°Bit
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D