Affordable 3D laser scanner David Starter kit 2

3D Laserscanner Starterkit Lieferumfang 3D Scannen

3D Laser Scanner | Affordable David Starter Kit 2

to get started with 3D scanning


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Product Description 3D Laser Scanner

The DAVID 3D Laser Scanner “Starter Kit – 2” for scanning 3D objects

Anyone who is interested in starting 3D scanning, and wants to call a high-quality and low-priced system his own, is well advised with the flexible and mobile usable Starter Kit 2 of DAVID.

Fo all searching for a cost effective 3D scanning solution and those who want to enter the sector of 3D scanning, this system offers, the ideal conditions to digitize 3D objects at an affordable price!

Here, the Starter Kit David relies on innovative scanning technology of “laser scans”, which enables quick and accurate 3D scans. The scanning system is mobile as its components are very small and handy. Place the scanning object on a matt white sheet of paper and place the supplied calibration surfaces in the background.With camera running, the laser module and the laser line, which generates the laser module, horizontally is guided by hand over the object to be scanned.

Sie können mit dem Laserscanner von der Münze bis zum Möbelstück viele 3D Objekte scannen. Scannen Sie rund um das Objekt verschiedene Ansichten und lassen diese haltautomatisch in der Software verschmelzen. Sie erhalten so komfortabel und schnell ein texturiertes 3D Rundum Modell. Die Scanergebnisse können in drei verschiedenen 3D Formaten zur Nutzeung oder Weiterverarbeitung exportiert werden ( OBJ, STL und PLY )

Easy handling

Install calibration surfaces. Construction of the scanner (camera tripod). Perform calibration of the camera in the software. Start with a single click to scan and gradually and evenly “overrun” the object with the laser module / laser line . Now, you can also determine whether the color texture is to be captured.The scanning software then generates within seconds the scan / 3D point cloud which appears in the Viewer software. You can comfortably and easily save different views of the 3D scan objects in 360 °. Next let all scans semiautomatic merge using the software and complete your 360 ° scan object.

The versatile application possibilities of the 3D Laser Scanner

With the 3 common export formats an efficient interface for further processing and processing the 3D data sets is guaranteed for example, Rapid prototyping, component testing, 3D surveys, product presentations, archeology sector, medical sector, computer animation, forensics, medical diagnostics, quality assurance, Reproductionbetc.. It is packed with countless applications for you.

Specifications of the 3D scanners SLS-2 and SLS-3:

  • Scan size: about 10-500 mm
  • Resolution: Up to about 0.1% of the scan size (0,05-0,06mm)
  • Scan Duration: Single scan in seconds
  • Export formats: OBJ, STL and PLY

System requirements necessary (recommended):

  • Standard PC WIN XP, Vista 7 or 8 (dual core 2 Ghz CPU)
  • 2 free USB ports
  • (64-bit Windows)
  • (8 Gb RAM)
  • (3d graphics card VVidea GeForce or ATI Radeon with
    1Gb RAM or more)

Included in delivery

  • High-resolution 2 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • Mini Tripod / Stand for Camera
  • Red line laser module 650nm, Class 1, focusable incl. Batteries
  • Calibration panels made of plastic to 3 different sizes
    Object size ranges
  • Base plate for fixation of the calibration
  • All necessary connection cables
  • Software David Laser Scanner Professional on USB stick
  • instruction manual

The 3D Laser Scanner – 3D milling made easy

On intensively,closer examination of the topic “CNC controlled milling machines“, we will increasingly find “Laser Scanner” or “3D Laser Scanner”.

What are Laser Scanners?

It indicates a row or grid-like scanning of surfaces and bodies, by a laser beam. By scanning these items it is possible to measure surfaces or you can create an image. Over-sensitive sensors deflect the laser beam accordingly. These sensors are called Laser Scanner. Imaging Laser Scanner also measure the intensity of the reflected signal. This is done with newer models in 16-bit grayscale, similar to a black-white photos in the result.

The functioning of a laser scanner

The scanner emits a laser beam onto the surface of the object. The from the environment reflected beam is received by the receiving optics and deflected by a deflection mirror which is set in rotation. This process is repeated hundreds of thousands of times per second. The received light is then evaluated and combined to form an image.

The measurement methods

Laser scanning has only two measuring methods:

The impulse measurement method:

Using the impulse method, the time interval between transmission and reception is measured by the device. The distance to the scanner is then calculated.

Advantages of the impulse measurement method:

  • long ranges
  • greater eye safety
  • strong in detecting large distances

The phase comparison measuring method:

When using the phase comparison method, the light wavesi n different lengths determine the calculated values. They are compared with each other and with reference to the phase shift, the distance is determined, which has been covered.

Advantages of the phase comparison method:

  • a very high measurement speed
  • high accuracy and the
  • a great resolution.
  • strong in the detection of complex geometries with limited reach

Areas of application of the laser scanner

Laser scanners offer many possibilities for applications. In particular, 3D Laser Scanner. Three-dimensional objects can also be measured, for example, with this David 3D laser scanner. All data will be fed into the computer and are ready to be modeled and further processed on the basis of a point cloud, in a CAD system as often as you wish.

Laser scanners are especially common used here:

  • Factory planning, digital factory and Plant Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • modernizations
  • architectural models
  • Reproductions
  • Construction / Restoration
  • Mining / Tunneling
  • Energy and utility companies
  • Aircraft / Shipbuilding
  • Foundries / Steel Industry
  • Chemistry / Process Industry
  • restorations

If you are interested in a 3D laser scanning system, we recommend the demonstarton of a SLS-3 3D scanning system in our house. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment.