3D engraving in slate (VCarving)

In the example we are working on massive slate with a CNC portal milling machine / cutter RaptorX SL.

On our 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX SL we use a very special V-bit solid carbide to mill massive slate. The infeed was generated here with about 5mm using the CAM software ConstruCAM 3D. The feed is 7mm per second (0.42M / minute).


Clean cut without further sizing chips to drive. The surfaces are according to the material smooth and clean. To edit the complete “sign” took only about 5-6 minutes. Also, the CNC milling machine RaptorX SL is suitable for 3D processing in wood. Corresponding videos can be found on other websites. When engraving work in larger dimensions are to be done the RaptorX SL CNC portal milling machine / CNC engraving machine is also the right partner for your work.

Due to its stable construction made of thick steel pipes and the large-sized drive motors, it is even able to work stone, marble, slate and granite. Videos on these topics can be found under Applications.


General info

Axis travel:3200x2010x300
Application type:VCarving
Used machines and accessoires:RaptorX-SL3200/S20, 90° V-Bit
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D & WinPC-NC