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FREE milling templates for CNC milling and engraving machines / routers Milling collecting mains engraving collecting mains/collecting mains, sample, exsamples for milling or engraving free Download here! This page serves a free CNC template collection for user and customers. The data can be used for 2D or 3D milling and engraving works. This page works only because of your transmittals of milling templates... Read more
RaptorX-SL3200/S15 with 3200 x 1510mm traverse path RaptorX-SL3200/S15   Large Portal-milling machine / router / Plasma cutter / torch   Steel frame construction     24.490,00 € (exkl. 19% MwSt.)     w We ship worldwide !! Important and... Read more
Anniversary selling th 5000th high-z cnc milling machine Is coming soon. We expect probably in the period from November 2013 to January 2014 the purchaser of the 5000th high-z milling machine. As a thank you to the purchaser of the 5000th High-Z CNC milling machine wave 50% discount!     article here Read more
Laser Scanning System LaserProbe4500 Article no.: 250200 FF.  Laser Scanner scan SystemincludingSoftware (DE / EN)   "LaserProbe4500"   for 3D scanning objects up to 100mm high, all materials except transparent or reflective   1.998,00 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)... Read more
Rotation Axis RounDINO 120 Article no.: 320100 Rotation Table - Rotation Axis    RounDINO 120   4th axis for CNC milling machines     1.198,00 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)   CNC Rotation Table - Rotation Axis 4th axis for our High-Z and many more CNC-Milling... Read more
T-slot plate for CNC milling machine High-Z S 1000 Article no.: 101020      425,60 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)        T-slot for our CNC milling machine High-Z S 1000 anodized aluminum 4-piece 16mm thick   Dimensions: 64x133cm         Read more
ConstruCAM-3D ConstruCAM-3D   The latest cost / performance ratio criterion   available for Windows NT/XP/2000/VistaConstruCAM-3D is for free if you buy a cnc machine from CNC-STEP ( without High-Z S-400 )  !!!  1.546,00 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.) ConstruCAM-3D CAD-CAM... Read more
Hundreds of thousands free STL files for CNC Routers and 3D CAD software freeware free download   Thousands of free stl stereolithography files, a 3D CAD software and editing software for stl - Repairs ! for free ! For all cnc routers !      If you follow these instructions, you can thousands stl - files (you read that correctly) download and process it, disassemble all parts of the files, even... Read more
3D-PhotoFormer 3D PhotoFormer   Software for professional photo engravings, relief manufacturing consisting of grey scale values and cast scanning   Engravings made of grey scale pictures     139,00 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)   German software 3D PhotoFormer by... Read more
High-Z S-720 CNC Router / CNC Engraving Unit 720 x 420 x 110 mm / Trapezium Screws High-Z S-720Router and Engraver with trapezium spindles   Our smallest High-Z machine for all 2D and 3D jobs   Also available as speed version with up to 12.000 mm/Min !!     2.793,00 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)... Read more
2D milling of hard metals such as brass and steel / CNC Router Important hint: It is possible to machine hard materials but only with low traverse speed and maximum feed motion of 2 or 3mm/sec. We counsel to use always an appropriate cooling tool for machining of aluminium, brass and steel ( control cabinets, cases etc. ) in order to minimize milling forces. Milling on... Read more
Comparative Test Test of a copied High-Z CNC machine of a competitor     We felt induced to do this test because of following story:   2004 we found out there’s no supplier on the market of CNC portal milling machines with a proper cost/ performance ratio and so we decided to change this fact and apparently we get it done.   After a... Read more


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